Jackie’s Goodbye
The cost of Alzheimer’s
National Journal (Cover Story), October 2014
National Magazine Award Finalist
Anthologized in Best Magazine Writing 2015
Longreads’ Best of 2014  

The Last Frontier for Gay Rights
A powerful liberal activist, a rural conservative town
and a debate that won’t end
The Washington Post Magazine (Cover Story), April 2018

Only Human
How an American ex-jihadi struggled to rebuild his life
in the country he'd once vowed to destroy.
The New Republic, November 2017

Is Jen Hatmaker the Conscience of Evangelical Christianity?
 She is paying a steep price
for speaking out for what she believes.
POLITICO Magazine, December 2017

The Sex-Abuse Scandal That Devastated a Suburban Megachurch
Inside the rise and fall of Sovereign Grace Ministries
Washingtonian, February 2016

The Culture Warrior in Winter
The end of the old Religious Right
National Journal (Cover Story), July 2014 

The Disappearance of a Distinctively Black Way to Mourn
As many African American-owned funeral homes close, 
communities are losing a means of grieving—and protest.
The Atlantic online, January 2016

The Lady Chablis, After Midnight
At the memorial service for Savannah's breakout transgender star
The Awl, December 2016

What Killed the Jingle?
Advertisers have ditched the upbeat tunes
replacing them with standard pop hits.

The Atlantic online, August 2016

God and Jeb Bush
Inside his spiritual journey
National Journal (Cover Story), March 2015

Why Can’t the FDA Fix Outdated Birth Control Labels?
Misinformation and the politics of contraception
The Daily Beast, March 2014

South Carolina
A reporter trails Nikki Haley.
Religion & Politics, March 2013

Why We Wait for a Non-European Pope
Rome and the rise of the Global South
Religion & Politics, February 2013 

How Obama’s bid to expand Internet access ran into big trouble.
The New Republic, January 2011

Why Do People Like Ronald Reagan So Much?
I spent 17 hours at a birthday party for the Gipper to find out.
The New Republic, March 2011 

Where's the Welcome Wagon?
GOProud may have come out at CPAC, but it still doesn't fit in.
The New Republic, February 2011 

Too Much Judgment
The media’s shameful, cruel obsession with those awaiting the rapture
The New Republic, May 2011 

Doug Out
Serving as the ambassador to Malta should have been a breeze.
The New Republic, May 2011

Things Fall Apart
How Democrats gave up on religious voters
The New Republic, December 2010 

The Least Defensible Budget Cut
Why gutting Americorps funding doesn’t make sense
The New Republic, April 2011